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Dongtai prince casting alloy co., LTD

Dongtai prince casting alloy co., LTD

  Dongtai prince casting alloy co., LTD is specializing in the production of special alloy foundry(Spheroidizing agent、Inoculant、Recarburizer、In addition to scrap agents、Vermicularizing alloy, etc)Professional manufacturers。The company produces all kinds of special alloy casting2More than ten thousand tons,At the same time agent Japan deslagging agent,The company's products in addition to domestic sales,Also exported to foreign countries,Such as the United States、The United Kingdom、Canada、Australia、South Africa、Japan、India、Vietnam, etc。
  The company production base is located in dongtai, jiangsu province weir industrial park,Have offices in wuxi,Factory with advanced production technology and technology、The excellent melting and crushing screening equipment、Perfect physical and laboratory tests、Strict management and excellent technical team,Ensure that the product at the highest level。
  The company has experienced professional foundry engineer team,Can assist the foundry enterprises to solve technical problems in production。The company insists on“The high quality product for the customer,Perfect product form a complete set of technical service to the user”The idea of,Hope and more excellent casting......

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Wuxi address:Wuxi new district wu and wind road26New send an plaza6Building1508、1509# 
The electricity Words:0510-81155781 
The sales department:Mr Xu13616183741

The factory address:Dongtai prince weir industrial park road1Number 
The electricity Words:0515-85912919

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